Explore the vibrant, Ancient Aegean Area and its historic destinations;
home to some of the most fascinating sights and natural riches in the world.



The Aegean Region has hosted great civilizations and different cultures in its 8500-year history and it is full of a wide range of sights and places to witness its magnificent history with its unique riches, fascinating riches, and mesmerizing art…

  • Key Museum (85 km)
  • Arkas Art Urla (37 km)
  • Köstem Olive Oil Museum (16 km)
  • Çeşme Museum (11 km)
  • Ephesus Ancient City (153 km)
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Long-standing as the symbol of Izmir, the clock tower was built in 1901 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II’s accession to the throne. It was built by a commission consisting of İzmir Governor Kıbrıslı Kamil Pasha, Navy Mirliva Said Pasha and Mayor Eşref Pasha. The Clock Tower, which has been in Konak Square as the symbol of the city since then, offers a timeless architectural beauty to those
who visit Izmir.

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You can find shops selling a wide variety of handicrafts, carpets, rugs, silver jewellery, clothing and materials, leather clothes and striking souvenirs in the Kızlarağası Inn, one of the best-preserved historical inns in Izmir.

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Today, as in the past, Kemeraltı Bazaar is the most important shopping centre of İzmir. You can find all kinds of traditional Turkish handicrafts such as ceramics, tile panels, wooden products, tombaks, carpets and rugs, and leather products in the bazaar spread out into both
indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Standing tall for 105 years, this building serves as a cafe, bar and restaurant, as well as serving as an elevator, offering a unique view of Izmir.

The elevator tower has 3 floors. During the First World War, the lower floor of the elevator was used as a casino, the middle floor as a photography room, and the upper floor as was made into a cinema.

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Izmir IstinyePark

A place where you can truly enjoy shopping and entertainment with hundreds of local and foreign world brands, movie theaters, restaurants, and cafes steaming with flavour, children’s amusement parks; the one and only İzmir İstinye Park welcomes you with the magnificent view of the Gulf. İzmir İstinye Park hosts giant brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hugo, Boss, Paul&Shark, Vakkorama, Rolex, as well as large stores like Beymen and Vakko; popular children’s brands such as Toyzz Shop XL, and delicious taste spots such as Ferdi Baba, Masa, Günaydın, Vakko L’atelier and Godiva.

Based on the temperate climate and lifestyle of the Aegean, the shopping center with world-famous brands among restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating is at 40 min. distance from Biblos.

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Hilltown Karşıyaka AVM

Hilltown Karşıyaka, which locates its prestigious brands in both indoor and outdoor concept with its exclusive taste points and special areas for children, welcomes its guests with its very special atmosphere in its unique architecture, while putting comfort in shopping with its spacious squares that use daylight abundantly.

Hilltown Karşıyaka, with its more than 190 world brands, 42 of which are cafes-restaurants; 7 movie theaters, a 1500 square meters playground for children, courtyards and squares finished with colorful landscaping, a parking lot with a capacity of 2750 vehicles and a huge event space, is only 45 minutes from Biblos.

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